Welcome to New York!

We all know that feeling: New York has that je ne sais quoi that draws people to it in a way that few other cities in the world can.

People like you, me—whether from overseas or elsewhere in the States, first-timers to the city or former New Yorkers making a return—we all experience that overwhelming and exciting feeling when we arrive. And here you are! You made it! Perhaps you needed a visa, perhaps you are coming back to your hometown (as there are still a few “real” New Yorkers out there!). Another part of the story begins: finding an apartment, furnishing it and making it “feel like home” while starting to enjoy everything this city has to offer (why wait, really?).

Like any big city, New York has an enormous number of options when it comes to design—it surely helps that NYC is  the home of many famous (and pricey) designers. And now, with the online market available at your fingertips any time of day, the question becomes: Where should I start? Whether you already have items you want to keep or you need to start fresh, the challenge can be intimidating.

That is why Maison KoduZen exists: To help you navigate the complexity of this crazy city so you can create a space where you can relax and rest, far away from all the beautiful insanity!