About Colors


Much has been said about colors for interior design, web design and such so we will not give you another lecture on how colors work together (we think the color wheel speak for itself actually). 

But, we thought we would give you some ideas and techniques to insert colors in your space with confidence. 

Regardless of what you are picking colors for (your website, your interior, your outfit), you have to consider first how busy with colors your design will naturally become, before you even touch it. If you have (like us!) a website full of pictures, or an interior with a lot of family pictures, a colorful art piece, a statement wall or a flashy handbag you need to take that day. Based on those 'natural' colors, you can define how many colors you need in your color scheme. If you do not have any colorful element already, you can go for four colors without taking too much risks. If you already have a few, then stick to three or two, to support the colors already present. It may sound restrictive but remember: we are talking about main colors here and you do not have to stick to those at all costs. For instance, one of your main colors might be yellow and you have used it here and there but nothing prevents you from having a green cushion if you like it! As everything in interior design, what matters if the balance so feel free to play with it. 

When asking Aurélie Desmas, Maison KoduZen's lead designer, she told us her personal trick for establishing good color scheme: one dark (a brown, dark grey or black), one light (variation of white or light grey), one or two 'pop' colors. She often picks her clients' favorite color (often a 'pop' color) as a starting point then defines the rest of the color scheme, ensuring to balance warm and cold colors, mainly by using undertones in the dark and light shades.  

Have fun with colors and let us know your personal tricks!