2017 Color(s) of the Year

Color of the year 2017

At the end of each year, a few firms, specialized in the color business reveal what will be the 'Color of the year' for the year ahead. Most of those big reveals took place in the last few weeks and I wanted to give you a quick recap of what came out and what to expect in 2017.

But first, a little recap over the process: the general procedure is gathering a team of color experts to look into the colors trends of the year coming to a close, assess the colors that appear repetitively alongside the current trendy one and predict which will be hot next. So the result is more of a continuity than a ground-breaking new color reveal. Each firm comes up with a different color than its competitors as observation is not an exact science and each team is very different from place to place.

Then the impact: we carefully follow each year the grand reveal and let's be honest, the impact is not that significant, for two main reasons:

  • Each artistic or design discipline that could potentially make use of the color of the year has its own life cycle, rhythm and little world it evolves in: painting, photography, fashion, web design, interior design, industrial design and so on. Besides, while some colors such as bright pink can easily make it to a fashion show, it is more difficult to let it in an interior (or not).
  • By December, large brands have already locked their campaigns and design strategies for the New Year and might not change it all just because Pantone decided green was the new hot color.
Colors of the year 2017

Speaking of Pantone, their grand reveal remains, from what I have observed along the years, THE big event in term of color of the year, and probably the most commented on. Interestingly enough, looking into their previous colors of the year, none of those colors really tinted the actual 365 days it was supposed to. That is perhaps why this year, Pantone's team's choice seems to be more of a political coup than an actual trend observed in 2016 with Greenery. This color is supposed to help us to take a 'take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate', according to the brand's website. While those healthy values seems to be catching the health trend a little late, I think we can all appreciate the freshness of the message after a rather rocky 2016. On a very personal note, green remains my favorite color of all times and its versatility is proven every day, in every interior: we all have plants at home, most of them green and it always plays nicely with all color schemes. 

A little note on the other colors suggested for 2017 - although less commented on: Benjamin Moore's bold and rich Shadow sparks our interest again after last year's disappointing choice of Simple White. As an accent wall or in accessories, we can clearly see Shadow find its place at home. Sherwin Williams remains in the neutral tones with Poised Taupe (last year was Alabaster so nothing too funky again) - and AkzoNobel in Europe bets on Denim Drift and its blue variations, a rather interesting pick after last year's gold tones that we can all appreciate for its versatile nature.

In conclusion: like any other trends' announcement, following the Color of the Year's reveal is an interesting adventure in between holiday parties. Even if it may not transform the design world for the upcoming year, it surely is an inspiration for us all and puts on our radar, colors we may have forgotten about. It also reminds us of the power of colors and the role they play in our lives. After a few years during which the 'all white' concept was trendy, we are very happy at Maison KoduZen to see that colors are getting again the attention they deserve. Beyond trends, color schemes should reflect your tastes, your identity and they can help you, room by room, to create a unique atmosphere. 

If you want some help with a color scheme and define your own color of the year for 2017, get in touch