Color of the Month: Yellow


During the fall season, the obvious colors that come to mind are the reds, oranges and gold tones you can observe in nature. Orange obviously gets a lot of credit as it is one of the colors of Halloween and of the many pumpkins, squashes and alike that will invade our plates for Thanksgiving.

But how about a change and go with yellow for once? How about brightening up your interior for Thanksgiving festivities as we are heading towards the shortest days of the year? Especially as with yellow, you can set the tone for the gold and glitters that December will bring along. Yellow is also a very earthy color that tends to make people smile so whether you spend Thanksgiving with your family or with friends, this cannot do any harm! 

As per orange, yellow has MANY variations - and given it is one of the most versatile colors of all (add a little bit of ANY other color and you will compromise its tint, shade or tone), possibilities are endless. If your interior is mostly black and white, you can easily go for a neutral/buttery shade, if you have a cool palette, go for a lemony yellow, or if you like warm colors in general, go for the dandelion, butterscotch options so it blends well with your interior. 

yellow variations

For those avert to big changes or not big yellow lovers, you can also think of something small, or not too permanent - which is the great thing about decorating for festivities!

Flowers, napkins, vases, candles, bowls filled with lemons (more on making centerpieces with fruits coming soon), or cute little bowls for nibbles: below is a selection of our favorites for the upcoming festivities as well as their vendors.

Have fun! 


Vendors' list:

Napkins by Birthday Direct: great choice of stripes of all shapes and forms.

Bowls by Vintage American Pottery

Flowers by Rosehip in Brooklyn, NY

Hyde Pierced Vase by Donny Osmond for All Modern

Candles by Wasila (currently out of stock), otherwise, a good option for simple candles: Flying Tiger.

For more ideas, you can also check out our Pinterest board on Yellow here!

One small note: from a Feng Shui prospective, dried or fake flowers are stagnant energy so better opt for fresh, real flowers. More tips on Feng shui coming soon!