Colors of the Month: Orange and Black

As promised in our last newsletter: a new post about colors! How to assemble orange and black for a year-long style that does not look too much like it is Halloween every day. 

First of all, orange has an incredible amount of variations: depending on the amount of yellow or red utilized to create it - but also whether some grey, white or black is used to alter the tint, shade or tone (see this post on the subject): the possibilities are endless if you want to add this poppy color to your interior!

By the same token, if you want to pair it up with black, you can also use a subtle nuance in your shade of black for a stylish effect: blue being orange's complimentary color, we recommend going with a slightly blue undertone to deepen the orange nuance you will pick and you can never go wrong!

If you are unsure of what nuances you should to go for, think of the natural places or time when both colors are associated: a beautiful sunset, the Grand Canyon colors (or Bryce Canyon as per the picture above), the fall season, or some flowers! Nature is a very reliable source of inspiration when it comes to color association.


Lastly, when associating pieces with those two colors, also think about textures or mat vs. brilliant to give some oomph to your design (and keep the Halloween feeling at bay!). 

For more on orange, please take a look at our Pinterest Orange board, and do follow us to get more ideas (for now boards are organized by style and color - we should have it by room very soon). 

Have fun with orange and Happy Halloween!