Happy New Year of the Rooster and Feng Shui Tips to Start it Right!


This coming Saturday (Jan 28th), the celebrations for the Chinese New Year will begin to welcome the Year of the Rooster. For those of you who wonder: that day is defined by the Chinese Lunar calendar and takes place on the new moon that occurs roughly between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox (we have attributed set dates to those events in our Gregorian calendars but they actually vary from year to year). That day is also considered to be the first day of Spring in China (as this is the time when seeds start sprouting upwards).

As we can all agree 2016 has been a rather chaotic year with a lot of unpredictable events happening, thanks to the whimsical Monkey, theoretically the upcoming year should be less frantic with the energy of the Rooster, the announcer of sunrise.

I will not get into predictions for this upcoming year in this post so if you want to know more on what to expect based on your actual date and place of birth, feel free to contact me so I can build a full chart for you. Today I will just concentrate on giving you the basics of what you can do in your home to harness the good energy of the Rooster (all without transforming your home into a Chinese store). :)


First, you will probably hear about this year being the Year of the Fire Rooster: each year has its own animal (that comes back every 12 years) and an element. But each animal also has its own native element associated so the element of the year can uplift or tone down the animal sign pretty dramatically. The native element of the Rooster is Metal and as you can see on the chart above the Fire element melts the Metal one - which means it is not so auspicious. BUT the good news is: adding the Earth element can help counteract those antagonists: the Earth energy will keep the Fire busy (as the ashes and sediments of the fire give birth to the Earth) while feeding the Metal element of the Rooster.

How to add Earth energy to your home? Simply add some browns, yellows and beiges to your interior, place some hand-made pottery bowls here and there, hang pictures of paths, soils, soft rocks (nothing pointy!) into square frames and this should do the trick. 

But that would be pretty light if we were stopping here so here is another set of recommendations. 

When giving a Feng Shui consultation, practitioners also often used the technique of the 'Flying Star' which is based on the year's numerology (when combined with the dwelling's numerology and the inhabitant's one, you can get incredibly powerful results). So let me give you this year's reading as a starting point, along with some tips. 


2017 is a year 1 (2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10, reduced to one digit = 1) which indicates a new beginning. Yay! This is why 1 is at the center of this year's chart. The numbers to watch out for are 2, 3, 5 and 7 (I will spare you why but all you need to remember is the direction they correspond to: North West, West, South and South West respectively). So below are the different things you can do in each direction of your home to ensure those inauspicious energies will remain at bay.

2 (sickness): can be counteracted with the Metal element so add grays, whites, rounded shapes, metallic or glass items in the North West side of your home. If you want to go with the traditional Chinese cure, hanging 6 metal coins is the most powerful adjustment.

3 (bad mouthing, gossip, lawsuits): can be counteracted with the Fire element so keep the Earth adjustments mentioned above to a minimum on the West side of your home and add only one item either pointy, triangular or red and you should be all good. 

5 (fire hazard, pain): same as 2, add some Metal element in the South side of your home. A metal wind chime is also a good idea - especially if it is around your front door: it will welcome your guests (and yourself) with its crystalline sound while keeping the bad energy at bay. 

7 (robbery, scandals): this one calls for the Water element so add wavy, curved elements, preferably black or blue, flowing as much as possible. Picture of waterfalls or waves can be a good idea too (refrain from using lake pictures as these symbolize stagnant water). If you have a fishtank, consider putting it to the South West of your home to help. Chinese traditions would call for a water fountain so if you are up for it, by all means, give it a try!

But first and foremost, the New Year is welcome with a good cleaning of your home so you can sweep out all the bad energies of 2016 to welcome the Rooster energy into your home. Clean your home from the back to the front with some natural cleaning products (salted water is the best), leave your doors and windows wide open to let the air circulate and burn some sage or other herbs to clean out the air. Happy New Year!

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