Scandinavian Must-Haves


According to the UN report on World's Happiness for the last few years, we can observe that Scandinavian countries are fighting every year for the first place. One year, we have Denmark at the top of the chart, the next year (this year), Norway, closely followed by Iceland, Sweden and Finland.

Outside of highly effective social systems, what else can contribute to the happiness of the citizens of those countries, considering that the lack of light during the winter months should also get them the most affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)? Our point of view is of course biased here but we stronly feel Scandinavian design plays a role in it.

But what is Scandinavian design? The movement itself started in the 50's in Northern Europe, where young designers started designing items accessible to the masses (so that design was no longer something for the wealthy), associating modernism, simplicity and functionality. Using woods, plastics, aluminium and steel, the designs quickly became popular due to their versatility and easy to clean/use. 

It also became widely popular with the international expansion of Ikea. 

One very important reason is the design definitely,  living in a positive welcoming warm home environment influences your life and well being and conducts happiness. The Scandinavian design is a world renowned design theme known for its simplicity wrapped up in white, releasing coziness and warmth, the perfect setup and scenario to help you beat and enjoy the winter.

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