Shopping List for the Design Lover

Santa Claus Gift of Giving

A quick post today to give you some insight on what to get for the design lovers around you. We are obviously not very objective here, but we think having a design lover in your life should actually make Christmas shopping rather easy. Why? Because...  

  • The design world bursts with new things ALL the time.
  • From the kitchen to the bedroom, every room offers endless possibilities.
  • Design lovers like when EVERY object in their home is special in one way or another so even a cotton swab holder can work (yes, we selected one for the Secret Santa out there).

To help you even further in the quest for the perfect gift, we have put below our shopping list: everything has been released pretty recently so if your friend already has it, they cannot possibly blame you for having purchases something out of fashion...

Of course, if your friend is after design services, do not hesitate to contact us and get him/her a Maison KoduZen gift card!

Happy shopping!

Christmas shopping selection

Vendors' list (from top left to bottom right):

Ambiente Lamp by Daniel Pouzet at MoMA store

Book darts by Shinola

Warhol Soup Cans Salt & Pepper at MoMA store

Love you Forever padlock at Flying Tiger

Your Guide to a Stylish Home by Domino

Leather Wrist Ruler at CB2

Cloud catcher at MoMA store

Woodstock wind chime on Amazon

Leather carrier by Beach People