Small Change for Big Impact: the Art of Rug Flipping


Quick post today as we know everyone is wrapping up everything before going away to celebrate or getting their home ready to host parties. So this post is about a quick trick (it literally takes 10 minutes) to make your home feel like new, for FREE (as all your money is basically under the tree now, right?): rug flipping.

We all know that at times, a small change can have a big impact. Considering how large area rugs tend to be, they often set the tone of a space pretty dramatically and changing them can make a big difference. If you happen to have a wide variety of rugs throughout your home, swapping them out between areas can be an excellent idea to get the feeling of change in various rooms. But if you live in a small space (like most New Yorkers), you probably do not have the luxury to own several area rugs, so flipping it upside down should do the trick. Have you ever noticed how pretty the weaving patterns at the back of a rug can be? In term of texture, it will often be rougher than the top side but it will bring an interesting new texture to your area as well as a more natural - and somewhat distressed (think ABC Home) - look. All of this, for FREE. 

One word of caution though - especially if your rug is very soft to begin with: it may slide on a smooth wooden floor if you have nothing to maintain it in its place, so be sure to also flip your rug pad so that it does not get slippery (especially for kids).

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Have a wonderful Holiday!