About Maison KoduZen

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It all started when...

Aurélie Desmas, founder and lead decorator of Maison KoduZen was about five years old and discovered the sheer joy of moving her furniture around her bedroom in Brittany, France. She carried this habit with her as she made numerous moves to Paris, London and finally New York, where she decided to take interior design more seriously at the Fashion Institute of Technology, the New York Interior Design School and the New York School of Feng Shui.

She founded Maison KoduZen to help fellow expats and native New Yorkers alike, feel at home in the city she has been calling home for the past seven years. She’s well acquainted with the daunting tasks of uprooting herself to different countries and cities, and navigating the metric and imperial systems along with ever-changing design landscapes. Her style evolves around her clients’ tastes and the specific energy they want to experience when at home (dynamic, soothing, etc.)—all encompassed in a cohesive aesthetic to ensure everyone and everything live in happy harmony.

Aurélie also holds a degree in digital photography has been blogging for the past 10 years, and volunteered as the set designer for l'Atelier Theatre for the past four years.